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Is He a Player?

Are you seeing someone new and starting to feel like you are being manipulated? It always seems like he’s making little “errors” when he talks to you – he forgets certain details or doesn’t ever really call you by name (it’s always “Honey” or some other pet name). Maybe she makes you feel like she wants a relationship, but when you try to take it to the next level, she backs off.  Does he flirt with almost every woman who walks by when you’re out or keep in touch with his ex? Does she say “maybe” when you talk about your next date or when you’ll hear from her again? These are not the signs of someone who is interested in a relationship – they are indicators of someone who is interested in “working” the romance to get the most out of it before moving on to greener pastures. To decide “is he a player?”, pay attention to the red flags!

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