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When you have a dating coach and dating expert by your side through the process of finding love, you will gain valuable perspectives and insights. Our relationship expert will help you strengthen your areas of weakness, and emphasize what you’re great at. With a dating consultant and love coach, you will feel confident moving forward in the world of dating. We’ll find the person who is truly right for you in the long term, and our relationship coach will help you establish that long-lasting connection.  Our single coaching is tailored made with experts for your individual needs including a dating coach for women and a dating coach for men. Call us at 305-615-1900 and see about your own personal dating adviser.

Having Dr. Nancy as your relationship coach is like having an objective best friend. She’ll help you think, excite or maybe even giggle while opening your mind, heart and world to love. She’ll gently guide you to:



Gain clarity into your values, interests and desires. Share what makes you tick, so, together, we can explore your vision and intention to create a lasting love.



Rekindle your heart light and share your renewed inner spark. Are you ready to open your heart to love? Let’s bring the magic back to you, your dates and your relationships.


Comfort Zones

Step outside your comfort zone. She will gently encourage you to recognize your blind spots & release your limiting beliefs.  Then we’ll focus on creating new possibilities and opportunities.



Explore relationship patterns and refresh as needed. Are you attracting people or choosing mates who aren’t right for you? We shine a light on what didn’t work for you and look at relationships through new lenses.



Embark on your dating adventure confidently & joyously. Love yourself and be a love magnet to a high quality partner. Confidence is key….people are attracted to confidence & a joyous attitude is infectious. So enjoy!

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“Relationships are tricky. They’re mysterious, confusing and magical. The beginning weeks of a relationship set the tone for the future. Relationships are not a destination, they’re a journey. I’d love to be a part of yours.”

Dr. Nancy is a trained licensed psychologist, with 30 years of experience as an expert relationship consultant. She brings warmth, empathy, knowledge, insight and humor to her highly personalized coaching. Her approach has proven to be the most effective way to take charge of your love life.


“Barbara and Nancy, a world of thank you for setting me up with Michael and bringing such a wonderful man into my life. I’ve never been so in love with someone and cannot wait to spend the rest of our lives together.”
Ellen 29
“Dear Barbara, your countless acts of kindness, encouragement and guidance have made a profound impact on my life.. You personify the term “game changer” and go further . You are a “life changer"”
“Barbara and Nancy have been phenomenal to work with. They have matched me with great women who have met the key criteria I am looking for and they’re also extremely insightful when it comes to follow-up and analysis after a date. They’re avid listeners and really make me feel like we’re partners on this journey. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to find true love.”
David , Hedge Fund CEO, 42

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