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It’s A Lovely City! Here’s Why A Miami Dating Service Is Better Than Tinder or Bumble For Finding Love

miami dating service

Online dating is no longer a shameful thing you need to hide from friends and family — they’re probably doing it too. In fact, 49.7 million single Americans have done it. In 2019, online dating makes sense. It’s a more efficient way to get to know your next potential partner. Gone are the days of […]

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Here’s Why You Need A Miami Matchmaker To Help You Meet The Right One

miami matchmaker

If you live in Miami, you likely have an opinion on the dating scene.  Maybe you’ve found a lot of great dates, but haven’t quite found the one. Perhaps you find the scene intimidating and need another option.  Regardless of where you find yourself, hiring a Miami matchmaker is the best way to find love.  […]

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Your best heart healthy diet is to live life with an open heart

Heart healthy diets usually include superfoods. Here are the “super ingredients” for a healthy love life. Whether you’re searching for or involved in a loving relationship you should have the same comfortable feeling as when you’re walking in your favorite slippers. A word of caution, what looks good on paper isn’t always what’s best for […]

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Summer Romance… will it last?

Is it real or just a summer fling? So you have fallen for someone wonderful at a friend’s party in the Hamptons a few weeks ago. With the carefree days of summer and relaxed attitudes your guard is down, you’re more open and available. In fact your new interest is so different from your “typical”. […]

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Swimming With The Sharks? Time To Get Out of The Water

Dating Direction from The Relationship Experts at Elegant Introductions It might be an exaggeration to say that most singles are SHARKS, but the unfortunate truth is that there are a lot of them swimming around in the dating pool. So what to do? First and foremost, know who you are dating. Don’t just assume that because […]

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Riding the Wave to Romance

Tips & Tools For Relationship Success From The Pros, Elegant Introductions Matchmakers, Dr. Nancy Gold and Barbara Black Goldfarb. Doesn’t it sound idyllic to spend days in love? And weekends out East with a special someone enjoying leisurely afternoons exploring Hamptons’ vineyards, galleries, beaches, and then watching the sun go down together at “the end […]

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Elite Matchmaker Nancy Gold

Meet the Matchmakers! Getting to know Nancy Gold How Nancy Gold went from PhD to Elite Matchmaker Nancy Gold is the kind of elite matchmaker who makes other concierge services look like OKCupid. She has over 25 years of counseling experience. She is a licensed psychologist trained at the University of Miami and Harvard.  She’s been […]

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Getting to know Barbara Black Goldfarb

Meet the Matchmakers! Getting to know Barbara Black Goldfarb Have you ever wondered how a modern Jewish matchmaker makes a living? We’ll give you a hint: it’s a winding journey through several influential careers. Traditionally, matchmaking is a mitzvah, a good deed and a duty. But in today’s day and age, we expect jobs to be more […]

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Modern Jewish Dating

MODERN JEWISH DATING – FINDING THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS Anyone who’s grown up in a home with strong religious traditions knows that some days it can seem more like a curse than a gift, especially when it comes to dating. Maybe it feels like a lot of pressure to date within a specific group, […]

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DATING UNPLUGGED: WHY TEXTING WHILE DATING ISN’T JUST RUDE, BUT MIGHT BE MESSING UP YOUR CHANCES FOR ROMANCE Cellphones are without question the greatest invention we never knew we needed. These tiny pocket computers have launched revolutions (looking at you, Arab Spring), replaced everything from maps to calculators to boom boxes, and given us a […]

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