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Riding the Wave to Romance

Tips & Tools For Relationship Success From The Pros, Elegant Introductions Matchmakers, Dr. Nancy Gold and Barbara Black Goldfarb. Doesn’t it sound idyllic to spend days in love? And weekends out East with a special someone enjoying leisurely afternoons exploring Hamptons’ vineyards, galleries, beaches, and then watching the sun go down together at “the end […]

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How To Avoid Dating Insanity

You’ve probably heard this modern-day definition of insanity – doing the same things over and over, yet somehow expecting different results. Many singles have this same mindset when it comes to dating. The good news is that you can change this way of thinking. It’s certainly true that the older we get, the more set […]

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Melania, Ivana, and the importance of boundaries with exes

Exes. You couldn’t live with them. You want to live without them. But – like death and taxes – they’re a part of life. Under the best of circumstances, you and your ex part on friendly terms, and even remain friends. (Yes, this is possible.) Or maybe you’re not on great terms, but you both […]

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Elegant Introductions helps gay Jewish singles who want to say “I do.”

Last week, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in a case that could very well make gay marriage legal in all states when the court releases its decision in June. When we heard about this at Elegant Introductions, two thoughts immediately came to mind. The first was, “Look how far we’ve come in just the […]

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How to hit a home run in dating

Anyone who loves baseball loves this time of year. The new season just started and hope springs eternal, no matter how your team did last year. As matchmakers, we think baseball and dating have a lot in common.  We’ve even created an interactive presentation, How to Hit a Home Run in Dating. As any ball […]

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Change is good for relationships—and for Elegant Introductions!

You’re not the same person you were when I first met you. As matchmakers, we often hear this line. But here’s the thing: everyone grows and changes. It happens for many reasons, including parenthood, a new career opportunity, or sometimes just growing older and wiser. Yet, when it comes to their partners, many people forget […]

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Dating Advice in Your 40s, 50s and Beyond

It can be tough and intimidating to get out there and start dating again in your 40s, 50s, or after. For one thing, you worry about how you look and if you’ll attract someone; for another, you probably aren’t even sure of where to begin. Some tips for jumping back into the dating game: Don’t […]

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Relationship Expectations

We all have had a “list” in our minds of what our ideal relationship would look like, but at a certain point in time, we need to dust that list off and check it over to see if the qualities we are looking for are still serving us well. This is especially true if you […]

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How to Tell if He is Interested

We saw a thought-provoking article today on a content website regarding how to tell if a man is interested in a woman (http://www.aish.com/d/w/I-Dont-Know-If-Hes-Interested.html?s=mbaw). In short, the article talks about feeling a connection with your date and then worrying that he isn’t feeling the same way about you. We know that this is something that can […]

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Dating Body Language

On a date, what people don’t say can be as important as what they do say. Dating body language can communicate volumes about people, and learning how to appropriately use it and read it can help you become better at navigating the often confusing, unclear waters of relationships. Being aware of the nonverbal cues you’re […]

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