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Getting to know Barbara Black Goldfarb

Meet the Matchmakers! Getting to know Barbara Black Goldfarb Have you ever wondered how a modern Jewish matchmaker makes a living? We’ll give you a hint: it’s a winding journey through several influential careers. Traditionally, matchmaking is a mitzvah, a good deed and a duty. But in today’s day and age, we expect jobs to be more […]

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Modern Jewish Dating

MODERN JEWISH DATING – FINDING THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS Anyone who’s grown up in a home with strong religious traditions knows that some days it can seem more like a curse than a gift, especially when it comes to dating. Maybe it feels like a lot of pressure to date within a specific group, […]

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You had a great first date! Now what?

As elite matchmakers, we love hearing about wonderful first dates. Is there anything better than that tingly feeling you get when the sparks fly? Then, there’s the question that so many singles have: What do I do now? It’s actually a very good question. You want another date, but if you respond too soon, you’ll appear needy. On the […]

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New Year’s Resolutions for those looking for love in 2018

Resolutions. At this time, just about everyone’s making them. If you’re deciding on your goals in 2018, and putting “finding a soulmate” high on your list, congratulations. You’ve already taken an important first step. That’s because, despite the still-popular believe that “love happens when you’re not looking for it,” we know this doesn’t happen very […]

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Our favorite couples of 2017

This is the time for year in review lists, and as elite matchmakers, we’re always keeping up with what makes couples tick. In that regard, we present our favorite couples of 2017 — our list of couples who really caught our attention this year. Some just began seeing each other this year. Others have been […]

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Why you shouldn’t write off dating during December

As many of you read this, you are preparing for the holidays.  Or you’re busy holiday shopping, or readying to welcome snowbirds from up north, or thinking about New Year’s resolutions. Maybe, if you’re a professional multi-tasker, you’re doing all of the above. But one thing you are probably not doing is dating. Many singles tend to write off their […]

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Leave dating out of your business – and make it our business!

With all the news today about sexual harassment in the workplace, there are, no doubt, conversations going on in offices all over America about what is – and is not – acceptable behavior. As these cases have proven, these conversations need to happen. For too long, many women thought they had no other option but […]

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Yes, blind dates can work out very well. Just ask our clients!

Does the idea of a blind date make you shudder? If you answer yes, you are hardly alone. This is understandable in some ways. In most movies or television shows, the blind date often goes horribly wrong. Or maybe you’ve had some experiences where well-intentioned people tried to set you up, and it just didn’t […]

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Why instant gratification and relationships don’t go together.

As matchmakers and relationship coaches, we hear horror stories almost daily from our clients who are frustrated with today’s dating apps and online services. There are many reasons for this – and they are all valid. You don’t really know who you’re communicating with. You don’t understand the online “lingo.” Their match’s profile photo was […]

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The best Chanukah gifts you can give yourself

This Sunday night, Jews around the world will light the first candle on their menorahs, commemorating the first night of Chanukah. This is always one of our favorite times of the year, and not just because we get to indulge in latkes and jelly doughnuts. Chanukah is, after all, a celebration of light over darkness. […]

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