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"Barbara and Nancy, a world of thank you for setting me up with Michael and bringing such a wonderful man into my life. I’ve never been so in love with someone and cannot wait to spend the rest of our lives together."
Ellen 29
Dear Barbara, your countless acts of kindness, encouragement and guidance have made a profound impact on my life.. You personify the term “game changer” and go further . You are a “life changer"
“To my wonderful matchmakers, founders of Elegant Introductions.

I was scared to death when we first met. With your deeply personal service, I felt protected, as if you took me under your wing and made me feel very special. You were vested in my future, caring about me and who was going to be my life partner. You truly listened when telling you about my past and what I expected and needed. You heard what I needed. Blake and I are so happy that we found you because without you we never would have met. You have given me a life!!! Thank you so much”
Carol Cohen, Florida
“Barbara and Nancy came along at a time in my life when I was tired of just going on meaningless dates. I had been trying to meet someone through the traditional dating services for several years, but they offered quantity not quality. So when Barbara and Nancy explained their program, I thought if it works, it’ll be well worth it. Besides I had been saying to both friends and myself for several years, that I really wanted to meet someone I could settle down with, it was time to put my money where my mouth was.

I met them and they spent about two hours talking with me. They not only took notes but they really seemed to care.

I guess they must have been paying attention, because the first lady they introduced me too, blew me away. I knew almost immediately that she had serious potential. She was beautiful, intelligent, and seemed to be all the things I wanted. We started spending every minute we could together. Even though we hadn’t known each other that long, it just seemed so right. Its four months since we met and we are proceeding with doing everything we need to, to move in together soon, and then early next year we plan to get married. Seems like Barbera and Nancy did right by us.”
Gary Robinson, Entrepreneur
“While I was a client at several extremely high-end matchmaking services all over the country, all my matches were inappropriate. I felt that national matchmakers weren’t interested in me and what I needed.

They introduced me to warm bodies. I had almost given up…and I’m so grateful I didn’t. When I walked into the Restaraunt to meet my match, I thought, “could that lovely lady sitting there be waiting for me? …..and there she was.” Now, a year later, we are happily married and living what I thought was only in fairy tales. My life is now complete! Thank you!”
Blake Hodess, Massachusetts
“I will always remember the day Nancy told me, “I met the guy for you, he’s just your type”. She just “got me”, the chemistry was instantaneous, and we have been in a wonderful relationship for 15 years.”
Cheryl, Lawyer, Brickell
“While Barbara and Nancy refer to their business as elegant introductions, it really should be called “Life Changing Introductions”. They take such individualized attention to find the perfect soulmate for each of their clients and genuinely care. So many other companies in the industry are just looking to convince you to sign up, write a check, and then disappear. After a few months, they found the perfect woman for me and I could not be happier. So not only did they find me the love of my life but as a bonus I found two lifelong friends in Barbara and Nancy.”
Dr. Jay B., Palm Beach
“After my divorce, your wisdom and gifts as a healer and relationship consultant have given me the tools to build my new life. I am happily remarried, thanks to you, Nancy!”
Mindy, Las Olas Partner in Professional Association
“My medical practice limits my ability to meet quality women. Not only have Barbara and Nancy introduced me to a number of quality women whom I never would have met on my own, they have helped me navigate the dating world.”
M.R., Physician, Ft. Lauderdale
“Are you single? Successful? If you have answered yes to all of these questions and are tired of the never-ending dating scene then choosing Elegant Introductions is the right choice for you. I have been a member for the past half a year and have enjoyed fantastic matches and have made successful connections along the way. Nancy and Barbara are more than match-makers…they are true professionals in the art of finding the ONE!”
Julia, Entrepreneur
“As someone who has previously worked with a high end matchmaker and was not impressed with the experience or results, I was initially skeptical that Barbara and Nancy would be successful. However, I could tell right away that my experience with them would be different. They spent a lot of time getting to know me and what I was looking for in a relationship, and I was impressed by their wide social network and ties to the community. After numerous conversations over the phone and in person, I felt that they really got me, which was proven to be true when they set me up on my first date. It was on that first date with Josh that I realized that I finally found the man of my teams. Josh and I have been inseparable ever since, and we are both so thankful to Barbara and Nancy for finding us our soulmates.

Barbara and Nancy go above and beyond what I ever expected when I signed up with their service. They really care about and are invested in their clients. Not only did they set me up with my soulmate on their first effort, but they continue to be an important part of my life, becoming real friends. I am so grateful and appreciative for their experience and knowledge and I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone who is ready to find love.”
M.B., Financial Services Executive
“I’m happily married, Barbara thank you, thank you!!”
I.M., Nurse Practitioner, Boca, Owner of Medical Center
“So glad to have met you ladies! What a great, warm and personalized service. Thank you for the connection.”
A.G., Event Coordinator, Ft. Lauderdale
“They care about me. Each and every introduction is carefully thought out.”
Ronnie Goodman, Retired, Boca Raton
“As a physician, its became nearly impossible to juggle my career and make time to socialize throughout the week. Barbara and Nancy make the dating experience easy and pleasant. They connect me with quality singles of the community. I highly recommend Elegant Introductions.”
“As a mother of two and a dental practice owner, I barely have time for myself let alone for finding the man of my dreams. Barbara have consistently selected quality men for me even after my contract expired, in fact I am still dating “The Doctor Wonderful” that they introduced me to. Thank you for always thinking of me and the connection!”
R. A. Orthodontist
“Through your guidance Nancy, you have changed my relationships and my life.”
A.W., Wealth Management, Florida
“Wow, Nancy’s coaching has helped me understand that the most important relationship is with myself. Now I ‘m ready for a relationship. I couldn’t have done it without you. Best”
Dani, Brickell, Miami, Entrepreneur
“Barbara & Nancy are different because they genuinely care & are sincerely invested in seeing their clients happy. They spend time getting to know you & understanding where you’re coming from. It’s not a job for them; it’s a passion. They feel that helping someone find love is a mitzvah and take pride in that. You should have heard how excited they were when they heard I had a fabulous date! You were so right!”
Community Volunteer, Miami
“In today’s very fast social media, and internet dating world, Barbara and Nancy are an incredible life line to what was a more civilized form of dating. As a widow with a child I was fearful and shy about taking that step. Through their client loyalty, trust, and patience I have gained back the confidence I had when I was single and in my 20’s and 30’s. Now the child is in college, I’m getting back to work, a whole new chapter of my life is here and I’m ready, this is where the journey begins…”
“Through Elegant Introductions every woman I have met has been educated, intelligent and attractive. You take away the frustration of dating and make it easy to meet people with whom to spend. Your warmth, integrity and genuine concern makes you so special.”
Government Consultant, Coconut Grove
“I have been to many professional events and see the same people over and over again getting stuck in a routine that never allows them to break into a new relationship. I have come to the conclusion that the South Florida community needs the help of Elegant Introductions. I certainly did. Thank you for introducing me to “Mr. Wonderful”.”
Lisa, Health Insurance, Boca Raton
“The world stops when you lose your besherte. By working with Elegant Introductions I met some women of genuine quality. Life now looks more promising and even hopeful.”
Charlie, Retired Business Executive, Miami
“Barbara and Nancy have been phenomenal to work with. They have matched me with great women who have met the key criteria I am looking for and they’re also extremely insightful when it comes to follow-up and analysis after a date. They’re avid listeners and really make me feel like we’re partners on this journey. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to find true love.”
David , Hedge Fund CEO, 42

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