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Are Your Eyes Open to Relationship Red Flags?

Starry-eyed in a new romance? Just be careful if you spot any relationship red flags! Sometimes, we are so happy to be in love that we can overlook warning signs.

An example applies to a single friend who began dating a man from her gym. He was preparing to compete in a bodybuilding contest, so she expected that there would be things she might have to give up at first, until he got through the challenges of getting ready for the contest. It turns out that he was so engrossed in himself and getting into competitive shape that all of their dates were solely focused on him (could he eat here or would it blow his diet? Could he risk inuring himself if they did that activity?). Through the few weeks they dated, he never bothered to find out much about her, so she broke it off with him. Happily, she saw the red flag flapping in the breeze and got out before investing too much time in the relationship.

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