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5 Things Wealthy Men Bring On A Date Besides Their Wallet

Wealthy men dating often have a mystique. Women want to date them for the fun they think they can provide by whipping out their credit cards. And sadly, wealthy men may often think dating prospects are after that thrill.  However, when dating, everyone wants to find someone who loves you for you. How do you do that? Show ‘em who you really are:

  1. Your funny bone: If you are the type who loves to laugh, let that show! In fact, when you get your date laughing they are much more inclined to reveal their true intentions. That’s right. Experts have linked laughter to a desire for the laugher to disclose more personal information. So if you want her to learn more about you and you want to know more about her, make her laugh.
  2. Your tenacity: What’s your life story? Building and maintaining wealth takes some long-term vision and planning. You determined the goal and held the course. Share your story with your lovely date shows her you will work through problems and when the goal (or relationship) is worth it, you know how to stick it out through the good and the bad.
  3. Your love of…: Animals, causes, sports, evenings out… The list of the things wealthy men dating love is extensive. Your date wants to an insiderer‘s view of what makes you tick when you aren’t taking over the world. Seeing what someone loves through their eyes gives us a unique sense of connection. A true life partner would love that your love of making money isn’t the only thing filling your days; and she’ll most likely want to join the list.
  4. Your family values: Most people reserve meeting the family until later in the relationship, and that makes sense. But you should consider opening up about how you feel about your relatives and family dynamics early into your relationship. Why? Women have an appreciation for men who have a healthy relationship with their kin folk. Is your family dynamic a little trickier? That can be divulged as well. Make sure, though, that if things aren’t good with your family, you discuss ways you’ve resolved the issues. Honesty in these situations can be tricky, but it shows how much you value your loved ones. It also lets your date know the priority you place on anyone who comes into your inner circle. Women love a man who has a strong respect for maintaining and repairing his relationships.
  5. Your extracurricular interests: What wealthy men do during their downtime says a lot about them. Are you interested in physical activities? Do you enjoy lounging at home? Is hanging with your friends preferred over a good book? No matter how wealthy you are, you are going to have to spend time with your dates and your significant others. Make sure she knows how you spend your days so that she can envision herself cheering you on from the sidelines or taking a long, morning run with you. Your extracurricular activities can be the road map to the success of a future date plan so let her know what you like to do.

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Wealthy men, you are much more important than what is in your wallet. Showing your potential mate these five qualities during your initial dating phase will definitely impress. Spend your time letting her know who you are and what you are truly worth and you will spend less time with your matchmaker and more time enjoying your matches.

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