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Your best heart healthy diet is to live life with an open heart

Heart healthy diets usually include superfoods. Here are the “super ingredients” for a healthy love life. Whether you’re searching for or involved in a loving relationship you should have the same comfortable feeling as when you’re walking in your favorite slippers. A word of caution, what looks good on paper isn’t always what’s best for […]

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DATING UNPLUGGED: WHY TEXTING WHILE DATING ISN’T JUST RUDE, BUT MIGHT BE MESSING UP YOUR CHANCES FOR ROMANCE Cellphones are without question the greatest invention we never knew we needed. These tiny pocket computers have launched revolutions (looking at you, Arab Spring), replaced everything from maps to calculators to boom boxes, and given us a […]

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Our favorite couples of 2017

This is the time for year in review lists, and as elite matchmakers, we’re always keeping up with what makes couples tick. In that regard, we present our favorite couples of 2017 — our list of couples who really caught our attention this year. Some just began seeing each other this year. Others have been […]

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The dos and don’ts of dating “out of your league”

How many times have you spotted someone you’d like to date, only to have that little voice inside your head tell you she’s/he’s “out of your league”? Should you ignore that voice – or listen to it? The answer depends on a variety of circumstances.  As elite matchmakers, we only accept clients who we believe we […]

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The power of communicating with your heart

When it comes to lasting relationships, do you know what the most important part of a man’s body is? It’s not what you think. It’s his…heart. That’s right – his heart. One of the biggest myths about men is that they can’t handle emotions. In my years of practice – and certainly in my life […]

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Why instant gratification and relationships don’t go together.

As matchmakers and relationship coaches, we hear horror stories almost daily from our clients who are frustrated with today’s dating apps and online services. There are many reasons for this – and they are all valid. You don’t really know who you’re communicating with. You don’t understand the online “lingo.” Their match’s profile photo was […]

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Melania, Ivana, and the importance of boundaries with exes

Exes. You couldn’t live with them. You want to live without them. But – like death and taxes – they’re a part of life. Under the best of circumstances, you and your ex part on friendly terms, and even remain friends. (Yes, this is possible.) Or maybe you’re not on great terms, but you both […]

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Prince Harry found love – and you can, too!

When it comes to relationships, everyone has their challenges. Even Prince Harry. He could well be the world’s most eligible bachelor. After all, he’s royalty, he’s wealthy, he’s charming in ways that remind many of his mother, Princess Diana, and he’s very easy on the eyes. You might think, “how tough could it be for […]

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Rip up your soulmate list and zip open your heart!

When it comes to dating and finding your soulmate, you probably have a list of what you’d consider perfection. There’s nothing wrong with this. Just about everyone has visions of that “perfect 10.” At their best, these lists tell you a lot about yourself and your desires. But at their worst, they can be very […]

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Ask Nancy: How do I stop building a wall every time I get into a relationship?

Dear Nancy, I really want a relationship but I build a wall every time I get close to another person. Help! – Miriam G. Dear Miriam, Your thoughts are interfering with your heart. Try to examine what it is that is preventing you from moving forward when there’s a possibility of a new relationship. Is […]

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