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Jewish Dating and New Years Resolutions

It’s that time of year again – that period when we review this past year and make plans for positive changes during the coming year. If you didn’t achieve all you were hoping for in 2014, don’t worry! Set your goals for the New Year and work toward them while remembering that any forward progress is still progress.

When deciding on your objectives for this coming year, consider some of these dating resolutions and explore others that will help you create the romantic life you desire. Think about what you have changed in a positive way from last year and congratulate yourself for that transformation. Then, read some of our dating New Years resolutions and see if they apply or can be modified for your own situation.

Popular Dating New Years Resolutions
  • Be Your Best – The first thing we think of when making dating resolutions at the beginning of the year is the inevitable diet or exercise resolution. This comes from indulging in too many holiday sweets or from getting a little lazier as the days get dark earlier and the year progresses toward the end. But, being your best can also mean focusing on other areas, such as the spiritual aspect of your life or on the creative side (have you always wanted to learn to paint?). Resolve to do more things that give your life meaning, which will also make you more interesting and attractive to a future romantic partner.
  • Smile more often and drop the negativity – You attract what you project. By smiling more, you’ll put out a more positive image that will also carry over into your daily life. You’ll begin to see things in a more positive way and will find that you are more enthusiastic about everything from making a Starbucks run to getting more out of your work and social lives. Find the joy in what you are doing and remember that a positive outlook will help you feel less stressed and more fulfilled.
  • Enjoy the Moment – Rather than picking your date apart to see if you have a potential future together, just relax and enjoy the moment. Keep a sense of humor, maybe practice being a little kinder, and start giving out what you want to receive. Believe that The One is out there waiting for you and live your life doing the things that make you happy until you find that person.
  • Make a Plan – Instead of just taking romance as it comes, start getting specific about the person you want for your romantic partner. Should they be tall? Short? Athletic? In a certain age group? Working in a particular field? Like a certain type of music? It really helps to have your focus narrowed down so you know exactly what you are looking for in a relationship. Begin by writing down broad ideas and then narrow them down as you go along. Now, visualize that person and “see” the happy life the two of you have ahead of you. Clarification can help you find the core values that you absolutely must have in a relationship and can help you decide on the things on which you can compromise. Realize, too, that this list will likely evolve and change over time.

Some final thoughts – be sure that you work on the things that you want and need to work on, not on someone else’s ideas of things you need to change. Trust yourself to figure out what the priorities for this upcoming year need to be. Next, visualize yourself implementing these changes and know that they will impact your life for the better. Finally, put your plan into action and work on becoming the person you want to be. Keep in mind that you don’t have to be perfect, you just have to keep making progress. As the Mishnah says, “It is not your obligation to complete the task, but neither are you at liberty to desist from it entirely’” (Ethics of our Fathers 2:16).

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