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Dating Tips: Age Differences

Q & A: What is realistic for me to be looking for — I’m 65 and don’t want to date anyone older than me: Am I wrong? When it comes to dating, rigid rules about age differences are rarely conducive to positive experiences. What matters most is if your goals and core values (honesty, reliability, […]

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Dating Tips: Start Fresh

Q & A: How do I throw out my old list and start fresh? Old lists tend to be a product not just of what we think we want, but also from our upbringing, our peers and the media we consumed at the time, among other factors. It’s easy to accept all these things and […]

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Red Flag – Is She A Player (Or Maybe He Is)?

Is he stringing you along? Is she a player? Sometimes people send up red flags that are too subtle to see until it’s too late. For instance, if you ask to use his cell to make a phone call, does he suddenly come up with reasons why you can’t (so you can’t see who he’s […]

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Sarcasm And What Men Wish Women Knew About It

Ever wonder what men wish women knew? A huge pet peeve is sarcasm – men hate sarcasm when it references them! No one likes jokes that are made at their expense and, even though he may be laughing along with everyone else, deep down inside he’s not happy to be the subject of teasing. No […]

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New Dating Workshop – February 22, 2015

Mark your calendars and join Barbara and Nancy of Elegant Introductions at Limmud Miami (http://limmudmiami.org/presenters-2015/) for a dynamic, interactive dating workshop and  presentation, “How to Hit a Home Run in Dating: Our Playbook for Winning at Relationships” on Sunday, February 22, 2015 at 11:00 a.m at the FIU Kovens Conference Center in North Miami. Check […]

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Jewish Dating and New Years Resolutions

It’s that time of year again – that period when we review this past year and make plans for positive changes during the coming year. If you didn’t achieve all you were hoping for in 2014, don’t worry! Set your goals for the New Year and work toward them while remembering that any forward progress […]

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Is He a Player (Or Is She)?

Is he a player? Or are you wondering if the new woman in your life is stringing you along? The first question to ask yourself is how “available” they are to you. If you check their Facebook page, do you see just a basic profile without a lot of information? If you’ve sent them a […]

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What Men Wish Women Knew

Ever wonder what men wish women knew about them? One thing they would love is if women would just come out and tell them what they want when it comes to gifts for holidays or birthdays! Women are often disappointed when their gentleman doesn’t get them what they were hinting for, but with men you […]

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New Year, New Relationships

We’ve reached the end of the holiday season and now is a great time to start thinking about your New Year’s resolutions. Maybe you are hoping to find new love and new relationships this coming year? If so, you can start off on a positive note by making some resolutions. The first one we suggest […]

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Finding Love After Divorce

We like to romanticize the idea that our “first love” will be our only love and that marriage should be forever, which makes us petrified of the idea of divorce. However, with over half of all marriages ending in divorce, it’s a fact of life we have to face, and dating after divorce can be […]

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