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5 Things Wealthy Men Bring On A Date Besides Their Wallet

5 Things Wealthy Men Offer

Wealthy men dating often have a mystique. Women want to date them for the fun they think they can provide by whipping out their credit cards. And sadly, wealthy men may often think dating prospects are after that thrill.  However, when dating, everyone wants to find someone who loves you for you. How do you […]

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The Art of creating Chemistry

The Art of creating Chemistry… … and we say art because calling it a science would be too easy! Besides, “science” implies measurable results and a systematized technique.  There are no such guarantees or simple instructions for the romantic kind of chemistry. But an “art” is the conscious use of a skill acquired by experience […]

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How to hit a home run in dating

Anyone who loves baseball loves this time of year. The new season just started and hope springs eternal, no matter how your team did last year. As matchmakers, we think baseball and dating have a lot in common.  We’ve even created an interactive presentation, How to Hit a Home Run in Dating. As any ball […]

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Communications Problems in Relationships

When you are in the midst of an argument, it can be really hard to take a step back and listen without interruption. But, statistics tell us that misunderstandings often result from interruptions before a person has had a chance to fully communicate what they are trying to tell you. We think at about 1,000-3,000 […]

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Pay Attention to Relationship Red Flags!

Relationship red flags can be raised for all sorts of reasons, but you must pay attention to them if you spot any! For example, is your love hyper-critical of you? Do they constantly judge others around you? In other words, do they go through life putting down everything and everyone? You might dismiss it now, […]

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Dating Communication Skills

Dating communication skills are something we recommend you have when you start out looking for “The One”. After all, great communication makes for great relationships with everyone you know. If you commit to working on your communication, you’ll see the benefits in every area of your life, from your work relationships to those with your […]

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