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Spring is in the Air


Dr. Nancy Gold, Clinical Psychologist | Co-founder, Elegant Introductions

We are finally beginning to emerge from last year’s total lockdown world. As more people are getting vaccinated, the opportunities for dating are reopening.

Without question, the worldwide pandemic turned the dating experience upside down. Masking, social distancing, COVID testing, and Zoom dating replaced normal interactions, making it very difficult to meet other singles, let alone establish meaningful relationships. For so many people, their lives, physical health, mental wellbeing, and economic stability have been uprooted by this frightening, unseen enemy. For some, not having a significant other to weather the storm has caused even more isolation and loneliness. One thing is for sure…we are all looking at our lives very differently and recognize that life is short and not promised to any of us.

Thankfully spring has arrived and most of us are beginning to emerge from hibernation. This is largely attributed to the increasing number of individuals who have become vaccinated. Sure, we have to be smart about how and when we venture out of our homes and into the real world, but the opportunity to start a new friendship/relationship has now become much more realistic in the current climate. Spring has traditionally been seen as the season of new life and rebirth, regeneration, change, and love. After a year of self reflection and value assessment, most singles sing a different tune when answering questions like “What do I really need?” “What are my core values?” Old lists are redefined, and replaced with deeper soul searching, needs, and realistic expectations…and notions of dating have given way to the new.

As we scramble to make sense of it all and our isolation is lifting, the new normal is upon us. What does that look and feel like? Many are still feeling anxiety, depression, and off balance while others look at life as a new beginning. Both perspectives are perfectly normal and can vacillate almost on a daily basis.

In moving from forced isolation to socialization, we may need to take baby steps. So how do we step outside our COVID-imposed comfort zones? While an individual’s comfort zone is what is familiar and safe, it has changed in the last year and now it is changing again. Remember those deeper soul searching needs and what is most important as we explore new relationships. Many opportunities will reopen. Our recommendation is to venture outside your current comfort zone and think about the possibilities. Stay in the present and think positively. Lean forward and propel yourself into new and different opportunities.

Above all, know that you can only control what you can control. Take a deep breath and recognize that your options for a healthy and loving relationship are endless. It’s all up to you.

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