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Miami Matchmaking For Elite Jewish Singles



Skip the search. Let us find your best match.

Are you trying to find your soul mate but don’t know how to start your dating journey? We understand, finding dates that lead to something more desirable is quite challenging. It’s hard to discover a match that shares your life’s aspirations at your standards, especially when your personal and professional lives consume all of your time. 

What if there was a service that understood the needs and desires of elite singles? What if you could find someone who enjoyed your hobbies and synchronized with your lifestyle without you having to search for them?

While we serve all, we are known as the premier Jewish Matchmaker in Miami. Our network has paired couples that share the lifestyle needs, sophistication, and elegance that Miami elites expect. We have been heralded as the best matchmaker in Miami, helping singles find the love of their lives.

Miami Matchmaking Services

There’s a reason why we’re ranked #1 Jewish Matchmaker in Miami.

The concept behind ‘elite’ does not run amiss to our experts. We understand that successful people find themselves accustomed to excellence in every aspect of their lives. Elegant Introductions believes the same mantra should apply in the dating world. All the traits, processes, and meticulous details found in other professional services should exist in matchmaking.

Our matchmaking service is tailored towards the excellence our elite clients expect. Our service leverages technology, expertise, and vast experience to create dating strategies  that will help find a perfect match in Miami. Each search tailors to clients’ time, desires, interests, and values to return a person well-suited to your extraordinary lifestyle. We’re lauded as the best matchmaker in Miami for our amazing support and local connections.

Elite Jewish Matchmaking – Elite Standards

Dating as an elite Jewish single in Miami may seem trivial. The reality is that many successful people struggle to find what they are looking for in their dates for multitudinous reasons. Elegant Introductions is a matchmaker in Miami that incorporates exceptional dating standards with every one of our searches. Benefits of using our service include:

  • Hands on Matchmaking tailored to high-profile personnel and executives
  • Utmost confidentiality and discretion with our clients
  • A significant step beyond those dissatisfied and disappointed with online dating services
  • Finding a quality life partner that meets standards and expectations
  • Expert analysis and strategic approach to finding your life partner
  • Matches thoroughly screened and vetted
  • No more wasting of time trying to find ‘the one.’
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What Drives Our Elite Matchmaking Success?

You may have seen our founders on television.

Nancy Gold Ph.D. and Barbara Black Goldfarb, authors of a best-selling book on dating, have been featured on prestigious programs on ABC, CBS, and NBC. Not to mention, our remarkable matchmaking insight has been in local and national publications. Our proven track record of success now verifies the two founders as ‘Best Matchmakers’ by the global Worldwide Matchmaker. 

Elegant Introductions started with an ambition to help successful individuals find their happily ever after. Founders Barbara and Dr. Nancy leverage their psychological expertise, strong community leadership, and deep professional network to create the ultimate dating service for elite singles. As such committed and intelligent persons to matchmaking, they created Elegant Introductions to offer better services for elite singles to find their life partners. 

Coming from a background of success themselves, they vastly understood how challenging it was to meet a mate that aligned with ones lifestyle and expectations. As they continue to match elite singles, they receive an increasing number of referrals by word of mouth. That’s why they’re still delivering matchmaking success today.

  • We never skip a beat in finding that perfect match and ensure that your heart races when we present our pairings.
  • Our hands-on, customized approach of the service drives a success rate of over 92% for our matches. 
  • We continually rank as one of the best matchmakers in Miami and globally, given our dedication to successful singles. 

Let us curate your needs and find the last person you’ll ever date. 

Our network spans far and wide. We cater to successful single.

While Elegant Introductions is not exclusively Jewish we are the premiere Jewish matchmaker in Miami. Elegant Introductions takes pride in helping successful clients find love for people of all faiths. We strongly encourage any professional searching for a match to contact us.

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Miami Matchmaking Services

Are You an Elite Jewish Single in Miami?

 Who is an elite single in Miami? Could it be you? Elite singles have extraordinary success in their lives, and expect excellence. They typically educated professionals over 30, and maintain busy schedules to keep on top of their thriving career. That creates a subset of people they look to connect with within the Miami area.

The success of these singles opens the dating pool wide but often doesn’t satisfy what they truly desire. Elite singles search for mates they can have a deeper connection with and see lasting for a lifetime. There are certain features of a person they are looking for and can be challenging to find amongst the high-octane lifestyle they lead. If this sounds like you, we’d love to help you find ‘the one.’

Discover the best matchmaker in Miami.

Elegant Introductions has become one of the most revered services in Miami to help find the perfect mate. We keep the traditions of Jewish matchmaking alive in the most contemporary of fashions. Using our expertise, we hand select singles for a match, ensuring happiness for the decades to come.

We use our insight and character analysis to provide the best Jewish matchmaking service in Miami. Information obtained from our elite singles includes their values, plans for family and future, goals, and overall expectations from a mate. Hewish and all singles can revel in our ability to find the partner of your dreams.

Hear the success stories of the Elite Singles using our services.

Why tell you about Elegant Introduction’s matchmaking success when you can hear it straight from our clients? We have helped elite singles from all professions, and statuses find their life partner – from CEOs to high-profile public figures to  celebrities. We know the demands of your schedule keep you strapped for time. That’s why we take care of every intricate detail when it comes to matchmaking.

We have found mates for those owning and working in renowned firms, entrepreneurs, top professionals, celebrities and heads of family enterprises. You will discover some of the most successful people in South Florida looking for the person they can spend the rest of their life. And we’ve done exactly that for thousands of couples.

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