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What Men Really Want in a Dating Match 

What Men Really Want in a Dating Match Unlike the Spice Girls, men are not going to sing you a laundry list of what they want. And for better or for worse, there’s as many “tips” about the way to a man’s heart as there are “diet” plans—and they often have just as much evidence […]

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The Art of creating Chemistry

The Art of creating Chemistry… … and we say art because calling it a science would be too easy! Besides, “science” implies measurable results and a systematized technique.  There are no such guarantees or simple instructions for the romantic kind of chemistry. But an “art” is the conscious use of a skill acquired by experience […]

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How to Make his Heart Pound

Matchmaker Advice on How to Make his Heart Pound If there’s one question we hear more than any other, it’s “how do I make him want me?” And we’re not the only ones. Google searches for “texts to make him want me” are through the roof! And in any given episode of The Bachelor, the […]

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5 Tips Professional Matchmakers wish you knew about First Dates

Relax and Enjoy Your First Date with These Simple Elite Matchmaker Tips The dreaded First Date. Nowadays, with another date just a swipe away, it seems like the pressures and awkwardness of a first date have only been magnified. At least with a professional matchmaker you know you’ll be meeting someone you actually have compatibility […]

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Leave dating out of your business – and make it our business!

With all the news today about sexual harassment in the workplace, there are, no doubt, conversations going on in offices all over America about what is – and is not – acceptable behavior. As these cases have proven, these conversations need to happen. For too long, many women thought they had no other option but […]

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The dos and don’ts of dating “out of your league”

How many times have you spotted someone you’d like to date, only to have that little voice inside your head tell you she’s/he’s “out of your league”? Should you ignore that voice – or listen to it? The answer depends on a variety of circumstances.  As elite matchmakers, we only accept clients who we believe we […]

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Prince Harry found love – and you can, too!

When it comes to relationships, everyone has their challenges. Even Prince Harry. He could well be the world’s most eligible bachelor. After all, he’s royalty, he’s wealthy, he’s charming in ways that remind many of his mother, Princess Diana, and he’s very easy on the eyes. You might think, “how tough could it be for […]

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The best Chanukah gifts you can give yourself

This Sunday night, Jews around the world will light the first candle on their menorahs, commemorating the first night of Chanukah. This is always one of our favorite times of the year, and not just because we get to indulge in latkes and jelly doughnuts. Chanukah is, after all, a celebration of light over darkness. […]

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This is the time for Jewish singles to embrace new beginnings

Now that the Jewish holidays are behind us, and everyone’s back to their normal schedules, it’s a good time to be reminded of what we promised ourselves just a few weeks ago—to be even better as individuals than we were last year. This is the time of year when everything’s new again. Simchat Torah marked […]

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Dating: a great way to practice your Jewish New Year promises

It’s a new Jewish year, and you’ve promised to be a better person than you were last year. It’s a new beginning, full of possibilities. But now, you must practice what you’ve promised. And if you’re a Jewish single, there’s a proven way to do that — go on dates. Think about it: in your […]

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