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Tired of Boston dating services or the big online dating sites that claim they can find you the perfect match but can’t deliver on their promises?  Traditional local dating here in Boston can leave you feeling at a loss or like you’ve fallen down the Rabbit Hole.  Not at JElegantIntroductions.com – the Boston matchmaking service that has revolutionized the way in which we find our significant others.  For those of you who are accustomed to the finer things in life, we provide the following:

  • Coordination of your entire dating life

  • Hands on date coaching

  • High quality matches

  • Unmatched services

Finding your soulmate or true love by dating in Boston can be extremely challenging, if not confusing and frustrating.  That’s why we created this dating site.  So, if you feel like your falling two steps back for every step forward, maybe it’s time to start exploring your options.  Our Boston matchmaker service features the connections and experience needed to match you with like-minded individuals who want the same things in life that you do, including a lasting relationship.

What We do for Our Boston Singles

As one of the premier Boston dating sites, JElegantIntroductions.com takes a hands-on approach to customizing matches between exceptional singles in Boston (and the surrounding suburbs) who are searching for that one special person to spend the rest of their life with.  Unlike those impersonal matchmaking or online services, we offer more personalized attention that enables us to hand pick a sophisticated individual that wants a healthy relationship that continues to last, year after year.

As the top-ranked matchmakers in Boston and its many suburbs, we create effective strategies that often lead to developing long-term relationships, including marriage.  We make it easier by providing:

  • Complete access to the Fort Know of desirable and exciting singles

  • Criminal background to ensure that your privacy and safety are ensured

  • Highly desirable Boston singles who meet your intellectual and physical criteria

  • Pre-dating and post-dating analysis and discussion

  • Relationship coaching with a licensed and trained psychologist (it’s really our co-founder, but don’t tell anyone)

  • Strict confidentiality and discretion

At JElegantIntroductions.com, our goal is to create the greatest dating experience possible.  Depending on your personal interests and venue preferences, we help you plan your date and are hopeful you will eventually find a meaningful relationship and true love in the process.


We Customize Searches and Matches

Once you’re our client, we sit down together and develop the specific parameters of your search.  These include your personal, professional, and social core values.  We have access to an extensive network of singles in Boston who are looking for the same things out of life that you want.  Furthermore, we have outstanding recruiters who can assist in the search for your perfect match.  For your protection, we choose, personally screen, and vet every candidate for you.  This enables us to thoroughly screen for:

  • Emotional availability

  • Like-minded communication style

  • Matching personalities

  • Physical appearance

  • Similar personal values

We select your matches based on the maximum compatibility factor before presenting them to you for approval.  Remember, you can only make one first impression.  So, it’s crucial that it’s as close to perfect as it can get. Engaging the help of a matchmaker helps, and that is why it is important you contact us and let us help you find your soulmate.

It’s Time to get started

Our Boston matchmaking services also include a personalized dating coach.  So, if it’s time for you to take that first step towards a lasting bond and long-term relationship, contact JElegantIntroductions.com at 305-615-1900 TODAY!

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