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Ladies: On First Date Do’s and Don’ts

– Dress to impress, but be comfortable. You want to look your best, but you don’t want to be so uncomfortable that you can’t relax and enjoy yourself.

– Be yourself. Don’t try to be someone you’re not just to impress your date. They’ll appreciate the real you far more than a fake -Go with the flow -If your date suggests something that you’re not comfortable with, don’t be afraid to speak up. But also be willing to try new things – it’s all part of the fun of dating!

– Be positive. No one wants to date a Negative Nelly. Focus on the good parts of life, and your date will be sure to call again -Compliment him. Everyone likes to feel appreciated, and telling your date that you like his outfit or think he is funny will definitely score you some points -Ask about him. Part of the fun of dating is getting to know someone new. So ask your date questions about himself – his hobbies, his job, his family. The more you know, the more you’ll have to talk about!

-Listen more and speak less. It’s easy to get carried away talking about yourself on a date. But resist the temptation – remember, your date wants to get to know YOU, not just hear you talk about yourself all night!

-Don’t be afraid to touch. A light touch on the arm or hand can be a great way to show your interest in someone -Use good body language. Smile, make eye contact, and keep your body language open and welcoming.



– Don’t be late. arriving late for a date is not only rude, but it also makes you look disorganized and flaky. If you can’t be on time, don’t bother going at all!

-Don’t talk about wanting to get married and have 3 kids in the next 5 years. This is a surefire way to scare away any potential date. No one wants to feel like they’re being interrogated, so keep the heavy topics light for now.

-Don’t drink too much. Getting drunk on a first date is a huge turn-off, and it’ll make it harder for you Don’t discuss former relationships. This is a surefire way to make your date feel uncomfortable, and it’s also not very polite. If your date asks you about your ex, keep it brief and focus on the positive.

-Don’t dwell on personal problems. First dates are supposed to be fun, so don’t spend the time talking about your problems.

-Don’t ask him about a second date. Wait for him to contact you.

-Don’t be too available. Don’t drop everything to answer his every call and text. You want to appear busy, not desperate!


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