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Rules: Don’t Text on a Date

Are you guilty of texting during a date? You’re not alone. A recent study found that 53% of people have texted during a date. But even though it’s common, it’s not okay. Texting can ruin your date – and your chances for a second one. Here are six reasons why you should never text on a date.

  1. Texting ruins the date by taking away from face to-face interaction, which can make it difficult to get to know someone.
  2. It’s disrespectful to your date because it shows that you’re not really interested in them or the conversation.
  3. You can’t focus on the conversation if you’re looking at your phone, and it makes you come across as disinterested.
  4. You look like a jerk if you’re constantly texting on your phone while you’re supposed to be paying attention to your date.
  5. It makes you seem disinterested in your date if you’re more interested in your phone than them.
  6. It’s just plain rude to text on your phone during a date

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