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Elite Matchmaker Nancy Gold

Meet the Matchmakers!

Getting to know Nancy Gold

Elite Matchmaker Nancy Gold

How Nancy Gold went from PhD to Elite Matchmaker

Nancy Gold is the kind of elite matchmaker who makes other concierge services look like OKCupid. She has over 25 years of counseling experience. She is a licensed psychologist trained at the University of Miami and Harvard.  She’s been an incredibly successful PhD Clinical Psychologist, relationship coach and consultant. She has a doctorate in Neuropsychology. Shall we go on?

The point is, Nancy understands how a relationship works inside and out. Literally, she understands what’s happening inside your brain as you fall in love, as well as the relationship patterns played outbetween our former flames and ourselves. Her vantage point and extensive education give her a unique perspective. In turn, they’ve inspired her personalized and unparalleled matchmaking technique.

Lucky for you we convinced her to share with us some of her top tricks to get her elite clients relationship ready.

Get rid of your List

Most clients come to Nancy with a long list of ‘wants’ for their imagined future partner. The first thing she’ll point out is that “that list is outdated.” Because this list is based on the baggage of past relationships.  It’s time to tackle those losses and disappointments head on so you can move on. Narrow down your list to your trueneeds.

Pick up on your Patterns

Getting the relationship you deserve always starts with you. That means really digging into your dating history with honesty. Do you have patterns of behavior in relationships? Are you drawn to partners who treat you a certain way? The first step to separating your real romantic instincts from old habits is recognizing them.

Give Chemistry more than a First Glance

Chemistry might seem like a love-at-first-sight, uncontrollable reaction. But it’s actually a combination of multiple physiological and psychological factors. There’s picking up on pheromones and other biological indicators of compatibility. There’s auditory stimuli that triggers an intellectual connection beyond the visual. And then there’s the comfort of trust and intimacy. Give your brain and body time to digest all of that sensory input before deciding how strong the attraction is. After all, your own nerves and adrenal can distract your brain from interpreting all this new information.

Own your own Timing

Everyone says true love is all about the timing. But did you know you can take some control of your own timing by doing your psychology homework? Nancy has noticed in her years of relationship coaching that there can be hidden sensitive spots of resistance to love in even the most mature of individuals. Be brave and find where you’re holding back. The One could walk right into your life and you wouldn’t be ready for love yet if you don’t face your fears.

Get a First Date play-by-play from an elite Matchmaker

Not sure if you’ve got game? In life, we neverget an objective review of our dating behaviors. Unless you have a matchmaker on your side. You may know the message you want to send, have identified your true relationship needs, and be ready for the real deal… but none of that matters if you’re not sending that message clearly to your date. A good matchmaker takes the time to know your personalitythoroughly. An elite matchmaker uses that information to help you improve your dating game.

Long story short, Nancy’s education and training may make her a master of the human mind. But her experience helping people find their inner strength and center, as a first step to finding true love, has made her a master of the human heart.

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