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Thanksgiving. When you ask people what their favorite holiday is, this day always ranks high on the list. It’s not hard to figure out the reasons. After all, what’s not to love about a day set aside especially for being with the people you love, enjoying lots of great food, and giving thanks for the blessings in your life?

If you watch a lot of television, you would think Thanksgiving is just about football, over-eating and Black Friday sales. In this day and age, it’s easy to forget the true spirit of this day. It’s about appreciating what you have, and being very grateful for it.

Here at Elegant Introductions, we’re very thankful that we get to do what we love doing – meeting fantastic, successful singles, and doing our best to match them with other terrific singles. We are so blessed to have our clients share their hopes and dreams with us. It’s a privilege that we never take for granted.

Sometimes, when singles open up to us, they themselves don’t always realize how blessed they are. We get to reassure them about that, and we also get to watch them develop more and more confidence in themselves.

If you’re single and you desire a lasting relationship, it’s easy to lose focus on all the terrific things that you have in your life right now, even without a partner. Of course, you want to be hopeful about finding that special someone. But, in our experience, it helps when you start out by being thankful for what you already have. By living a life filled with gratitude, you develop a strong foundation for your hopes, dreams, and desires to flourish.

In a nutshell, gratitude and hope go together – just like turkey and stuffing, or pie and whipped cream. (Come on, it’s Thanksgiving! We have to talk about food at least a little bit!)

On this day, we hope you take the time to acknowledge everything in your life – and everything about yourself – that fills you with pride and joy. We hope you are thankful for all of these things, not only on Thanksgiving, but every single day.

After all, when you’re filled with gratitude, you’re much more likely to find a mate who’s also filled with gratitude. That’s certainly something to hope for, isn’t it?

So, Happy Thanksgiving, to you, our dear friends. On this day, may you surround yourself with people you love, food you enjoy – and enough gratitude to take it all in and really enjoy yourself. You deserve it!

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