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Ask Nancy: Should I change my signature hairstyle to get more dates?

Introducing our new feature: Ask Nancy.

Nancy Gold, co-founder of Elegant Introductions, is a psychologist who has been counseling individuals and couples for the past 25 years. We’ve invited readers and social media followers to submit dating and relationship questions to Nancy, and the response has been tremendous! Here, she will answer those questions, in the hope of helping singles navigate today’s complex dating scene.

Dear Nancy,

Recently I’ve received a number of comments from men about how I wear my hair. This has been my hairstyle for many years and I consider it my signature style. But now I’m wondering if changing my hairstyle might just make me more attractive and improve my dating life. What should I do? – Judy B.

Dear Judy,

Keep an open mind. Although you don’t have to change completely with each new style, it would be good to have a few objective opinions from others (not family or friends who know you and relate to your historical style). Try something new. You may like it and get a lot of compliments. The important thing is, your new style should appeal to your tastes. You should never go with a style you hate, just to please a man. For many singles — both women and men — new styles of hair or clothes can be a real confidence booster. That’s a good thing, because confidence never goes out of style.

Got a dating or relationship question? Just send it to social@jelegantintroductions.com and put Ask Nancy in the subject line. Be sure to include your full name and email address. (This is for verification only. To protect your privacy, we only use first names and initials online.) Nancy will be glad to answer as many dating or relationship questions as possible.

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