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Dating: a great way to practice your Jewish New Year promises

It’s a new Jewish year, and you’ve promised to be a better person than you were last year. It’s a new beginning, full of possibilities. But now, you must practice what you’ve promised. And if you’re a Jewish single, there’s a proven way to do that — go on dates.

Think about it: in your quest to be even more understanding, dating provides a perfect “test” to see where you are with that. That’s because dating requires you to look outside yourself; to really take in the possibilities that your date presents to you. Sure, I’m talking about attraction, but I’m also talking about so much more than that. Successful dating involves listening and taking in what your date has to say, and paying attention to the signals he gives you, either consciously or subconsciously.

Of course, your date should also be doing the same thing with you, and just the thought of this scares many people. But the more you know yourself, the less scary this process becomes. In other words, you have a better chance of understanding your date if you understand yourself first.

As professional Jewish matchmakers, we at Elegant Introductions put a lot of attention to making sure our Jewish singles really do understand who they are and what their expectations are when it comes to relationships. Then, we match them with other successful Jewish singles whose values and future goals are a good fit.

Every step of the way, we make sure that you have the awareness and self-confidence that can powerfully increase your chances of a great mutual connection.

By looking beyond your own world view and understanding your date’s life experiences, you not only enhance your chances of a strong positive connection; you also put one of your top Rosh Hashanah promises into practice.

If you are a Jewish single who hopes for a meaningful relationship in this new year, contact us and let us help start you on this journey. At this time, when we’re all “starting over” as Jews, we’ll give you the guidance and encouragement that will help make dating easier, more fun–and ultimately more successful.



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