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If this mom can manage dating as a single parent, so can you

When it comes to dating, every single parent has questions and issues that go way beyond “will he like me,” or “are we a good match.”

Take author Michele Weldon, for example. First, she had to flee an abusive relationship. Then, her ex pretty much abandoned her three sons, leaving all parenting responsibilities to her. That would be enough for anyone, but there’s more: she was diagnosed with breast cancer. With all this on her plate, she could be excused for forgetting about dating. But she didn’t do that, and in her funny and honest new memoir, Escape Points, Michele shares her experiences of wading back into the dating scene, even with all her commitments and responsibilities.

In the book, she recounts the years in between the end of her abusive relationship, and her decision to finally start dating again. She writes: “It was easier to be alone. It was cleaner, less dangerous, less fussy, and it definitely made me less insecure. No heartache. I spent so many years without romance, filling up my life with my children and my work and every detail to keep it all afloat, and my needs receded. It was not even noticeable at first; I stopped wanting and figured that wasting my time mourning the loss of real affection was like ranting at a sunset or a rainstorm. When you let go of the need, the need lets go of you. Besides, I have had my heart broken open. So my heart opens only a little bit at a time.”

As a matchmaker, I coach many single parents. Most of the — especially ones whose previous marriage ended badly — go through the same motions that Michele did. They use their undoubtedly busy lives to cover up the loneliness lurking deep within them. When they realize this and start thinking about dating as a single parent, they’re afraid of getting their hearts so badly broken once more.

At Elegant Introductions, we understand the needs and concerns of single parents. It is our mission and privilege to give them everything they need to start dating again, even with their fears and life challenges. Contact us today and let us help you get started. If Michele Weldon can get back into dating as a single parent, so can you.

To read an excerpt of Michele’s new book, click here.



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