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When it comes to dating, make sure your requirements are realistic

The other day, I heard someone say something pretty profound when it comes to dating: “In order to get what you like, you have to give what you like.” In other words, if you envision your ideal man with certain specific requirements, you better make sure you already possess these requirements yourself. Chances are your ideal man wants pretty similar things from you.

At Elegant Introductions, we pride ourselves with picking “the best fish in the sea” for our clients. Every one of our clients is a “catch” in the best sense of the word. Still, people are complicated, and this can be especially true in the dating world. The yings and yangs of mutual attraction have always been mysterious, mainly because they are so personal. This is why falling in love can be both wonderful and nerve-wracking—sometimes at the same time.

But there are some things that are pretty universal. Sure, there are people out there blessed with model-good looks. But they tend to fall for partners who also have model-good looks. There are people who are super-successful, but they generally look for others who are at their level—or at least possess the drive and determination to get to that level.

You get the picture. It’s fine—healthy, in fact—to have requirements when it comes to dating and relationships. It’s just that those requirements have to be realistic. This involves taking an honest look at yourself, which is always a good thing to do. At matchmakers at Elegant Introductions, we love helping singles do just that. After all, for things to go swimmingly, even the best fish in the sea much be compatible with one another.





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