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Why texting and dates don’t mix

Picture this. You’re on a date. You’re deep in conversation with this guy and you feel you’re really connecting. Your eyes lock with his. Suddenly, your date looks down—at his phone. He just got a text, and he’s GOT to respond RIGHT AWAY.

You say it’s okay to be polite. But honestly, aren’t you at least a little annoyed? I bet you are.

Now, let’s switch roles. You’re the one who starts texting.  How do you think your date feels? Chances are, he’ll be annoyed. Plus, he may get the impression that you’re not really interested in him. That’s the message you send when you text on a date, whether you mean to or not.

Successful dating is all about being in the moment. Texting puts the kibosh on that moment. It keeps you from truly connecting with your date. That’s not good for either of you.

The next time you’re on a date, put your phone on silent and save the texting until the date ends. Then, text away. With any luck, you’ll be telling your friends all about how fantastic your date was.



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