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Elegant Introductions helps gay Jewish singles who want to say “I do.”

Last week, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in a case that could very well make gay marriage legal in all states when the court releases its decision in June. When we heard about this at Elegant Introductions, two thoughts immediately came to mind. The first was, “Look how far we’ve come in just the past decade.” The second thought was, “It’s about time.”

As elite matchmakers for Jewish singles in Miami and Jewish singles in Boston, we’re so glad that gay marriage is now legal in both Florida and Massachusetts.

We know that marriage is more than a commitment; it’s a declaration—to family, friends, and the world—of a couple’s deep love and devotion to one another. To us, gay marriage benefits both the LBGT community and the Jewish community. Many gay Jewish couples either have children already, or plan on raising children once they’re married. They very much want their children to grow up in loving, Jewish households, just as heterosexual Jewish couples do. At Elegant Introductions, our goal is to encourage Jews from all walks of life to reconnect to the Jewish community, fall in love, and ultimately expand the Jewish population.

In our experience working with Jewish singles, we know that finding love, and creating a successful relationship, is all a matter of compatibility. This holds true regardless of one’s sexual identity. Compatibility is our unique specialty at Elegant Introductions. We provide private, confidential consultation for Jewish professionals who are serious about finding a lasting relationship. That means one-on-one personalized attention and individual introductions, after an extensive screening process for Jewish singles who are leaders in business, in their professional fields, and in philanthropic organizations.

If you are among the  gay Jewish singles in South Florida or in Boston—or if you know someone who fits that description—please contact us. We can’t wait to introduce you to Jewish GLBT singles who want a lasting relationship just as much as you do. When two people stand under the chuppa and declare their love for one another, it’s a beautiful thing. We want to make this a reality for Jewish LBGT singles. After all, uniting two Jews in love is a passion of ours—and a mitzvah of the highest order.

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