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Why finding the ideal relationship is like finding the ideal CEO

In a personal relationship or a business relationship, finding the right partner takes time and effort.

When the CEO of a top company, agency, or firm steps down, there’s usually a very detailed process for finding a successor. Because the CEO-company relationship is so important, search committees are formed. Top recruiting agencies are consulted. Potential candidates are scrupulously vetted.

There’s a good reason for this: the company’s continued success—not to mention its reputation–depends on getting the right person for the job. Finding that right person often takes a great deal of time and effort. That’s why you won’t find many companies posting top positions on Craigslist. And you certainly won’t find them depending solely on computers and phone apps for such a major position.

Any successful business person knows this. Yet somehow, many people don’t use these business techniques when it comes to dating—even successful business people. Somehow, this most important life decision is left to fate, chance, and in today’s world, computers and phones. No wonder so many singles are frustrated.

As professional matchmakers, dating and relationships are our business. We treat them like a business, and we believe you should, too. Now, we can hear a lot of you saying “gee, that doesn’t sound very romantic.” We beg to differ. While romance certainly involves the heart, we know it involves a lot more than that. For any romance to evolve into a serious relationship, there has to be a willingness to do some serious searching–not only for a partner, but also searching within yourself. It involves knowing what you truly want, both for yourself and for any future partner.

So many singles—especially those who are busy with their careers—tell us they don’t have time for this. That’s where Elegant Introductions comes in. When we become your “search committee,” we make the time to find ideal matches for you. We thoroughly vet all our candidates, so you don’t have to spend time on that. Plus, with our experience in both psychology and personal connections, we know just the right questions to ask you. By learning more about potential partners, you also learn about yourself. Isn’t self-discovery a huge part of business success? It’s also a big part of dating success.

If you’re as serious about finding the right life partner as you would be if you were finding the right business partner, contact us today or call us at 305-615-1900. After all, when two successful people come together to share each other’s values and visions, that’s the most important “merger” of their lives. We want to create as many of those mergers as we can.

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