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Change is good for relationships—and for Elegant Introductions!

You’re not the same person you were when I first met you.

As matchmakers, we often hear this line. But here’s the thing: everyone grows and changes. It happens for many reasons, including parenthood, a new career opportunity, or sometimes just growing older and wiser. Yet, when it comes to their partners, many people forget this.

It’s especially smart to think about this when you start dating. Sure, it’s magical when that “first spark” ignites. Yet, for that spark to become a lasting flame, it’s important to realize that your partner will change. The more you expect and embrace change, the stronger your relationship will be.

This also holds true in business. Since launching Elegant Introductions in Miami one year ago, we’ve been astounded by the tremendous response. Already, we’ve helped more than 100 Miami singles on their journey to find lasting relationships. We’ve learned as much from our clients as we hope they have from us. Now, we’re taking what we’ve learned, and making some exciting changes of our own. You’re looking at one of them right now. Our website is completely redesigned with a fresh, contemporary look that reflects our mission to create exciting, fun, and meaningful connections for singles.

paul-revere-bostonWe’re also excited about another big change: we’re expanding into Boston! It’s a logical next step for us. We both have strong New England roots, and we know there are many singles there who want a personalized dating service like ours to help them find the right partner. If you know someone in Boston (as well as in Brookline or Newton) who is and single, please have them contact us.

We may be growing and changing, but we promise our existing clients the same level of commitment and personal attention they’ve come to expect from us. See, we’re not the same as we were when we first met you; we’re even better!

Whether you’re looking for your soulmate in Miami or in Boston, we’re here to help you. To learn more about Elegant Introductions, call Barbara and Nancy today at 305-615-1900 or contact us for more information.

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