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Dating Advice in Your 40s, 50s and Beyond

It can be tough and intimidating to get out there and start dating again in your 40s, 50s, or after. For one thing, you worry about how you look and if you’ll attract someone; for another, you probably aren’t even sure of where to begin.

Some tips for jumping back into the dating game:

  1. Don’t split the check on a first date – it makes men look cheap if they ask to do it and makes women feel like the man thinks they aren’t worth it.
  2. Be wary of the newly divorced – some people can’t be alone and they often bring their baggage into the next relationship.
  3. Take some (tiny) risks – don’t let your insecurities get in the way. Look outside your “type” and date a little older or younger than you normally would.
  4. Enlist your friends – not only can they set you up with someone, they can talk you off the ledge if you’ve decided to “settle” in a relationship that isn’t great for you.
  5. Be honest in your priorities and in what matters the most to you.
  6. Get past hurts and relationships behind you before dating someone new.
  7. Invest a little effort in your appearance.
  8. Stick to your boundaries – if the person you are dating wants you to drop everything for them or pushes you to act in a way you wouldn’t normally, they aren’t honoring your wants and needs and they definitely are not the right one for you.

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