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Relationship Red Flags

Relationship red flags are behaviors that need to be questioned or addressed when you observe them in your partner. Most relationship red flags are related to violating the basic pillars of successful relationships — trust, communication, respect fidelity, etc. Sighting your partner waving one of these red flags isn’t necessarily an indicator that the relationship is dead, but you should definitely bring some attention to these issues.

A common behavior that leads to a relationship downfall is a lack of communication. Successful relationships rely on partners being able to talk to each other. Similarly, trust is important. If your partner is consistently lying to you or is afraid to be honest, then it suggests some serious problems down the road. Not having time for each other is another red flag — a relationship cannot develop positively if the people involved don’t spend time with each other.

Some more serious red flags include excessively controlling behavior, which can manifest itself in your partner trying to separate you from your other friends and family and trying to monopolize all of your time. Similarly, how someone treats service workers can give a decent insight into their character — someone who is rude to people who provide them service could be buying themselves a ticket for a power trip you don’t want to be invited on.

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