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Dating Body Language

On a date, what people don’t say can be as important as what they do say. Dating body language can communicate volumes about people, and learning how to appropriately use it and read it can help you become better at navigating the often confusing, unclear waters of relationships. Being aware of the nonverbal cues you’re giving out can help you steer a date in the direction of your choice. If you want to express interest, simple things like playing with your hair can send a strong message. Another subtle way to use your body to indicate that you like your date is to let your fingers do the talking — circling a rim of a glass or twirling a pen, for example. A friendly smile lasting for a few seconds is another universally recognized way to let your date know you enjoy their company.

Just as important as giving out dating body language is recognizing it. Men stand erect when they want to appear confident, so someone standing up straight is trying to attract your attention. A slightly raised eyebrow is another interest indicator. A man who is fixing his hair (or making it messier, depending on the look he’s going for) is probably trying to make himself seem more attractive — another indicator. And if a man is making excuses to touch you, he’s definitely in to you. Be on the lookout for eye contact in general, and if you’re interested, don’t be afraid to make some either (just not so long that it’s uncomfortable for either of you). Also, people find comfort in similarity, so subtle mimicry and mirroring can definitely be a way to show you like who you’re with and want to be more intimate.

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