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Dating as a Single Mom

Dating when you have children from a prior relationship can be challenging, but taking it slow helps everyone get acclimated to the new people in their lives. Important: when dating as a single mom, you should wait at least three months before introducing your new love interest to your kids. Why? Because, if you have them meet every person you date, you’ll only confuse them. Additionally, it can be emotionally difficult for the kids if they begin to form attachments to the new person only to have him or her drop out of their lives if things don’t work out between you two. Be patient – once it looks like you and your new sweetheart might have a future together, that’s the time to discuss how and when to have them meet your children.

The matchmakers at Elegant Introductions offer coaching services to help with every phase of dating, including ways to help with introducing your new love to your children. Call Nancy and Barbara today at 305-615-1900 or contact us for more information.

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