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Family Dynamics and Dating

Do you find that you are repeating certain patterns in your dating life and relationships? Look no further than your own family dynamics to see why. Often, we subconsciously look for a mate who can help us resolve issues from our past. For example, if you experienced rejection in your childhood, you may look for a mate who will make you feel the same way your parents made you feel. In a romantic partner, we choose people who are “familiar” and in whom things seems “natural” to us. But, once we spend some time with a person, we can fall into negative relationship patterns that are often repeated over and over in every person we date.

Elegant Introductions offers life coaching services that can help you break these patterns so you can make healthier relationship choices. After that, our expert matchmaking services can help you find The Right One for you! Call us 305-615-1900 or contact us for more information.

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