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Is He Right for You? A Kiss Says Everything

You might not think so, but a kiss says everything (especially a first  kiss)! Fair or not, we often use a kiss as a gauge for measuring compatibility. Is your sweetheart the type who just rushes in and “lets you have it” whether you are ready or not? They are likely to be someone who wants control and dating this type of kisser can be more like a business transaction than a romance. How about someone who gives you all the right signals but then hesitates when it comes down to the kiss? Indecisiveness is never attractive: women want strong and confident men. Is your new love a passionate kisser? Good news – they are probably very into you!

Elegant Introductions can help you find your perfect match – we only connect you with successful and attractive, prequalified applicants, so you will already know a lot about your date before you even meet him or her. Call us 305-615-1900 or contact us for more information.

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