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How to Travel Together

The summer is almost here and the thought on everyone’s mind is “vacation”! You would love to go somewhere with your sweetie, but are you ready for the changes that may come after you take that first trip together? Even if you are in a great relationship, traveling can alter the dynamics of a couple. To help you navigate through this new territory, we’ve put together some tips to help you learn how to travel together.

  1. The first thing to do is to forget the idea of a perfect trip together. By leaving your mind open to accepting whatever comes along, you will be less likely to be stressed out if your plans get slightly derailed. For example, flight connections can be missed due to inclement weather at the departure or destination…you’ll eventually get there, but you might have a whole new adventure before you do. Recognize that things happen and sometimes you just have to ‘go with the flow’.
  2. Before you embark on your vacation, be sure each of you knows exactly how the expenses will be divided. Draw up a budget and make a pact to stick to it as closely as possible.  It’s no fun to be forced into doing something you can’t afford or to be the one stuck paying for an expense you weren’t expecting.
  3. What happens if one of you wants to stay in a 5-star hotel on the trip and the other wants to backpack and camp the whole time? Discuss expectations as well as hotels, meals, entertainment, etc. so one of you isn’t surprised once you get to your destination.
  4. Keep in mind that traveling together can often make or break a relationship. Because you are in close quarters and together pretty much 24/7, you will see the best and the worst of each other. Expect this so you aren’t surprised!
  5. Communicate with each other! Harboring feelings of anger or irritation won’t help each other change things that need to be changed (this applies in life, as well!). Share your concerns; ask your sweetheart to talk about their concerns, as well. That way, you can stop any confrontations before they become a problem.
  6.  Do something special along the way! If you really want to experience something different or see a particular sight, tell each other. You can do this even if you are on a tight budget – it can be as simple as sharing a bottle of wine on the beach or taking a romantic stroll at sunset. By experiencing things the other person wants to try, you grow as a couple.
  7. Keep a sense of humor. Part of the fun of traveling together is to see new things, maybe experience a new culture, and to bond more as a couple. Laughing together connects the two of you through the memory of great times you’ve shared together. A sense of humor can also keep a vacation mishap from turning into a disaster – sort of like the saying “you laugh to keep from crying”.  In any case, humor keeps things in perspective.

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