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You had a great first date! Now what?

As elite matchmakers, we love hearing about wonderful first dates. Is there anything better than that tingly feeling you get when the sparks fly? Then, there’s the question that so many singles have: What do I do now? It’s actually a very good question. You want another date, but if you respond too soon, you’ll appear needy. On the […]

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Our favorite couples of 2017

This is the time for year in review lists, and as elite matchmakers, we’re always keeping up with what makes couples tick. In that regard, we present our favorite couples of 2017 — our list of couples who really caught our attention this year. Some just began seeing each other this year. Others have been […]

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Want dating to get easier? Try the personal touch.

When we saw the headline, Dating in Miami Gets Easier, we were intrigued. After all, as elite matchmakers working with so many Miami singles, we want to know about this. So, we clicked on the link and–surprise, surprise–it’s another new phone dating app. This one’s called Clover. It’s so much better than Tinder, according to […]

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Elegant Introductions helps gay Jewish singles who want to say “I do.”

Last week, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in a case that could very well make gay marriage legal in all states when the court releases its decision in June. When we heard about this at Elegant Introductions, two thoughts immediately came to mind. The first was, “Look how far we’ve come in just the […]

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Famous Jewish couples: Jessica and Jerry Seinfeld

May is Jewish American Heritage Month, a time to honor the tremendous contributions that Jewish people have made in this country for hundreds of years. As elite matchmakers in Miami and Boston, we’re all about coupling. That’s why, to celebrate Jewish American Heritage Month, we’re profiling several Jewish couples throughout May. First up: Jessica and Jerry […]

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What if you want to get serious, but your partner still wants to date others?

Say you’ve met a special someone. You’ve got a lot in common and the sparks fly easily. You’re dating each other more often, and you can’t wait to see each other again. It’s all fantastic. Then you realize that you don’t want to date anyone else—and you wonder whether your mate feels the same way. […]

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