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5 Things Wealthy Men Bring On A Date Besides Their Wallet

5 Things Wealthy Men Offer

Wealthy men dating often have a mystique. Women want to date them for the fun they think they can provide by whipping out their credit cards. And sadly, wealthy men may often think dating prospects are after that thrill.  However, when dating, everyone wants to find someone who loves you for you. How do you […]

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Dating Tip: Stress Management Techniques

Don’t you hate it when you are on a date and are feeling nervous? One of the stress management techniques that can help is if you take a quick minute to close your eyes and do some positive visualization. “See” the date going well and envision you and your date laughing and enjoying yourselves. This […]

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Dating Stress? Focus on Fun

On a date and feeling stress? Remember, first of all, that it’s “just” a date! Focus on having fun and getting to know the person you are with, but keep in mind that dating is a process and a chance to learn and grow when connecting to another person. That’s the great thing about dating […]

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Dating Stress – Are You Facing It?

Are you facing some dating stress? Our proven matchmakers will tell you the first thing to do is try to relax! Take a deep breath, hold it, and slowly release it. By doing this several times over the course of a few minutes, you’ll notice a decrease in your heart rate and in your anxiety […]

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Dating Anxiety – 6 Tips for Overcoming It

We all have anxiety from time to time, but going on a date (a first date or otherwise) can put your fears into overdrive because you start wondering about what to say, what to do, and what to wear? Even if you’ve been out with the other person a few times, dating anxiety can still […]

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