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You had a great first date! Now what?

As elite matchmakers, we love hearing about wonderful first dates. Is there anything better than that tingly feeling you get when the sparks fly? Then, there’s the question that so many singles have: What do I do now? It’s actually a very good question. You want another date, but if you respond too soon, you’ll appear needy. On the […]

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5 easy ways to relieve stress on a first date

First dates. If you’re like most people, you prepare for them with a mix of anticipation and fear. I know. Not only am I a matchmaker who calms the first-date nerves of many singles, but I’ve also been on more than a few first dates myself. The nerves are quite understandable. Any time you open […]

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Food for thought – or what to look for on that first restaurant date

Let’s say you’ve met someone, and there’s a definite mutual attraction. Where do you go on that first date? Chances are, it’s a restaurant. There are plenty of good reasons for this. There’s the food, of course. Hopefully, it’s delicious, but aside from that, it serves another purpose: it takes some of the pressure off […]

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