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Dignified, discrete and customized form the foundation of our approach to matching affluent, elite, and unattached singles who want to have a more meaningful dating life with their eye on a lasting relationship.

To establish a trusting rapport with our clients, we’ve put our own personal credentials on the line. Yes, we pride ourselves on our professional yet deeply personal interaction with our clients. It’s the catalyst to start meaningful relationships off on the right footing.

The Sunshine State of Florida is home to many elite singles who have difficulty navigating the dating scene—finding that someone special is where Elegant Introductions comes into the picture.

We take the guesswork out of you blindly dating someone that seems like a nice match at the time but turns out not to be so. El is widely connected and able to find real diamonds who want the exact same thing you do. We are renowned for our professional and discrete approach that will connect you with your ideal companion.

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Elite Singles Miami 

EI cuts to the chase, literally, so you don’t have to bother wasting time and energy on churning through dates only to be disappointed by yet another date gone wrong. Miami is a melting pot of attractive singles and glittering lights but among the seemingly many dating choices are perhaps there’s a handful of likely matches to meet your desires, needs and standards.

Elite singles deserve informed guidance and support, and El provides just that. We eliminate the endless and mostly frustrating guessing game. El will find the right match and take care of the introduction. Consider our refined coaching to make meeting your date a memorable experience.

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Our task is to find you a suitable match who will complement your lifestyle in every way. With a 93% success rate, our effective vetting process reveals deeply personal but necessary information that allows us to make meaningful matches confidently.

We screen and determine mutual compatibility by looking at desired character traits like life ideals, deportment, intelligence, compassion, and many more. These virtues establish common values needed for a flawless introduction that may not only meet your requirements but may just have that little hidden gem that ignites that all ilusive chemistry.

Elite Matchmaking Fort Lauderdale

At EI, we connect with people searching for romance and love that grows into a genuine relationship. As an elite single, you can rest assured that we will find unattached singles who not only appreciate the finer things in life but are also seen as being one of the finer things in life. EI looks to discover and link these values in the elites we match.

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Less is definitely more when it comes to finding that someone special. El takes care of the screening, vetting, and selecting because we know time is valuable and success is the benchmark.

Our uniqueness, composed of a PhD clinical psychologist and a well-educated philanthropist who chairs several boards, makes us a formidable team. We are both accomplished authors, award winning matchmakers and our track record shows how serious we are. El has the reach and know-how to bring lasting love into your life.

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Our Testimonials

“Barbara and Nancy, a world of thank you for setting me up with Michael and bringing such a wonderful man into my life. I’ve never been so in love with someone and cannot wait to spend the rest of our lives together.”
Ellen 29
“Dear Barbara, your countless acts of kindness, encouragement and guidance have made a profound impact on my life.. You personify the term “game changer” and go further . You are a “life changer"”
“Barbara and Nancy have been phenomenal to work with. They have matched me with great women who have met the key criteria I am looking for and they’re also extremely insightful when it comes to follow-up and analysis after a date. They’re avid listeners and really make me feel like we’re partners on this journey. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to find true love.”
David , Hedge Fund CEO, 42

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