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DATING DECODER – HOW TO READ (AND USE!) BODY LANGUAGE FOR BETTER DATING If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a thousand times—body language communicates far more than words do, and far more honestly.  After all, the modern dating scene can seem full of people adept at obscuring their intentions in ambiguous words. But […]

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What Men Really Want in a Dating Match 

What Men Really Want in a Dating Match Unlike the Spice Girls, men are not going to sing you a laundry list of what they want. And for better or for worse, there’s as many “tips” about the way to a man’s heart as there are “diet” plans—and they often have just as much evidence […]

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The Art of creating Chemistry

The Art of creating Chemistry… … and we say art because calling it a science would be too easy! Besides, “science” implies measurable results and a systematized technique.  There are no such guarantees or simple instructions for the romantic kind of chemistry. But an “art” is the conscious use of a skill acquired by experience […]

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How to Make his Heart Pound

Matchmaker Advice on How to Make his Heart Pound If there’s one question we hear more than any other, it’s “how do I make him want me?” And we’re not the only ones. Google searches for “texts to make him want me” are through the roof! And in any given episode of The Bachelor, the […]

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Foolproof Date Conversation Topics

Foolproof Date Conversation Topics (and ones to avoid…) When asking about the weather just isn’t enough, and asking about politics is a little too much, it can be hard to find the sweet spot for fun, engaging conversation starters. Luckily our expert matchmakers have you covered. If you didn’t have a great date right now, […]

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5 Tips Professional Matchmakers wish you knew about First Dates

Relax and Enjoy Your First Date with These Simple Elite Matchmaker Tips The dreaded First Date. Nowadays, with another date just a swipe away, it seems like the pressures and awkwardness of a first date have only been magnified. At least with a professional matchmaker you know you’ll be meeting someone you actually have compatibility […]

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You had a great first date! Now what?

As elite matchmakers, we love hearing about wonderful first dates. Is there anything better than that tingly feeling you get when the sparks fly? Then, there’s the question that so many singles have: What do I do now? It’s actually a very good question. You want another date, but if you respond too soon, you’ll appear needy. On the […]

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Dating Over 50

While on the phone with my fellow Matchmaker Erica Arrechea of Cinqe Matchmaking, we spoke about common frustrations our clients over 50 express to us quite often. Among these frustrations, we noticed many of the issues had to do with conversation imbalance, non-verbal communication and misconception on what each sex wants in a partner. Read […]

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New Year’s Resolutions for those looking for love in 2018

Resolutions. At this time, just about everyone’s making them. If you’re deciding on your goals in 2018, and putting “finding a soulmate” high on your list, congratulations. You’ve already taken an important first step. That’s because, despite the still-popular believe that “love happens when you’re not looking for it,” we know this doesn’t happen very […]

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Our favorite couples of 2017

This is the time for year in review lists, and as elite matchmakers, we’re always keeping up with what makes couples tick. In that regard, we present our favorite couples of 2017 — our list of couples who really caught our attention this year. Some just began seeing each other this year. Others have been […]

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