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What do You Want in a Relationship?

What do you want in a relationship? This is the first thing you should think about when you have decided you are ready to find that “Someone Special”. Are you looking based on old criteria that you need to revamp? In other words, if you have gone through a few relationships and keep ending up […]

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Cupid Asks Why Use a Matchmaker?

One of the benefits of using a matchmaking service is that matchmakers are picky when they play Cupid. In fact, the elite matchmakers at Elegant Introductions are very choosy when it comes to the clients and singles they introduce! Online dating sites are filled with singles that misrepresent themselves: they often don’t look anything like […]

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Playing Cupid – Why Use a Matchmaker?

When we tell people what we do, often the first question they ask is “why use a matchmaker?” Our response is, why not? Matchmakers are GREAT at playing Cupid! That being said, we’ve assembled a handy list of the benefits of using matchmakers to find your true love: 1. The first benefit of signing up […]

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Why Use a Matchmaker?

Why use a matchmaker? Many people have no idea what the benefits of using an elite matchmaking service like Elegant Introductions really are. One advantage is that our professional matchmakers know and understand personality types, so we won’t waste your time by introducing you to unsuitable dates – you’ll meet only the ones that are […]

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First Date Tips – What About the 3 Day Rule?

How long should I wait before asking for another date? At Elegant Introductions, we get that question a lot! You’ve gone out and really clicked, but you don’t want to seem needy, so you are thinking about following the 3-Day Rule that says you have to wait before getting in touch with them. Don’t wait! […]

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Dating Advice – Can a Woman Ask a Man Out?

Is it OK for a woman to ask a man out on a date? “Absolutely,” says Elegant Introduction’s Matchmaker Barbara, who offers this dating advice: “men love it when women ask them out!” Let’s face it, it’s flattering to be pursued and men think of women who ask them out as being more confident and more […]

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Am I Relationship Ready?

Am I relationship ready? That’s a question that should be answered before you start looking for “The One”. You are ready for a relationship if you are comfortable with yourself and are not looking for someone to “save” you, but instead, to add to your life. You are ready if you have moved past your […]

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Dating Advice- Can I Text on a Date?

Is it all right to text or phone on a date? Elegant Introduction’s Matchmaker Nancy gives dating advice and says, “That’s a big “Don’t!” Why? Because you are going to look like you are just not that into the person if you are spending more time on your phone than you are in getting to […]

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What Do I Talk About On A First Date?

What do I talk about on a first date? If you are a man, our Matchmakers Extraordinaire think it’s a good idea to let your date do the talking! Women always complain that men don’t listen to them, so this is a great way to score points right away. Everyone likes to talk about themselves, […]

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First Date Tips – How toTake the Pressure Off!

How can I take the pressure off of a first date? That’s a question we hear all the time! A great first date tip from our Elegant Introduction’s matchmakers suggests keeping it “casual” and meeting for coffee or lunch instead of automatically heading out to a fancy-schmancy restaurant. If the date goes well, you can […]

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