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A Day In The Life Of Matchmaking For A Billionaire

It would seem matchmaking for a billionaire would come easily. That’s what we thought here at Elegant Introductions when we got our first billionaire client.

However, we were soon to realize that the more money one possesses, the less of a few other things were available.

That’s when we went to work for our client. See, what most don’t understand are the unique challenges billionaires possess when looking for love.

Little to no time.

Imagine how busy your schedule is. Now imagine what it is like when you are jetting from country to country for business or pleasure, taking meetings to accommodate different time zones, and making sure everyone from your family to your staff has everything they need. Where’s the time for you in that equation? That was one of the challenges we faced while we were looking for matches for our billionaire client. His time with us was limited and we had to make sure the person with whom he was matched was aware and understanding of his time constraints also.

Loving them for more than their money.

As harsh as this sounds, vetting women for a billionaire requires making sure they are not told the clients identity and making sure their financial status is not the focal point.  Very few human beings want to be a walking ATM machine for their mate. We all want someone who at the end (and beginning) of the day loves us for who we are. Making the match about the money instead of the person’s kind heart, giving spirit, sense of humor, empathy and compassion among other traits really sells them short.


Most billionaires pay a lot of good people a lot of good money to keep their names out of the tabloids. At Elegant Introductions, we were tasked with doing the same. Finding a match for a billionaire who could date without drawing attention to the status of our client was imperative and we are so happy we could find the one.


With little time and the need for the utmost privacy, it is hard to really “get to” a billionaire especially for those romantic meetings and phone calls that happen at the start of a good relationship. No matter how close in location you are to this person, it would seem that dating a billionaire is akin to having a long distance relationship. We know. It felt that way when we were meeting about making a match. However, as we got more time and information we were assured that the billionaire – even with the lack of accessibility – still had the priority for romance.

Blind – blind dates.

Loose lips sink ships and in this case we didn’t want to capsize the Love Boat. When matching a billionaire it was important not to let on too early in the matching process who our client was – to any potential date. Luckily when you have been in business for as long as we have at Elegant Introductions, our clients trust our instincts. And they found love was worth the mysterious wait.

It was exciting matching our billionaire client with someone they could trust with all of the challenges set before them. As we vetted the billionaire it was a little like we were in the dating process. However, we were ready. We’ve matched several unique clients and it is our patience and understanding for real life – and adding love to that real life – that makes Elegant Introductions’ matchmakers the right “match” for our billionaire clients.

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