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Getting to know Barbara Black Goldfarb

Meet the Matchmakers!

Getting to know Barbara Black Goldfarb

Have you ever wondered how a modern Jewish matchmaker makes a living? We’ll give you a hint: it’s a winding journey through several influential careers. Traditionally, matchmaking is a mitzvah, a good deed and a duty. But in today’s day and age, we expect jobs to be more time card punching and less passion. So a gifted matchmaker like Barbara Black Goldfarb had to find her way to her life’s calling by building a career that put community first …

… by being a Leader.

Barbara has been a community leader, an industry leader, a philanthropic leader, and now she leads individuals to love. She has been Chairwoman of the Board for Miami Jewish Federation and has sat on the Board of Directors of countless organizations—including Mt. Sinai Hospital and Johns Hopkins University. Not only could she care for, influence, and support the community through this work, but it put her in the room with the best and brightest in town.  Meaning she…

… had the best “little black book” in town!

With Barbara’s warmth and sense of humor, it was only a matter of time before she became the person-to-know in all these circles!  She naturally built personal connections with all of these influential and impressive industry leaders. Her time with these men and women taught her two things:

  1. Professionals are working longer hours than ever with less time to socialize
  2. “Do you know somebody to fix me up with?” was still the timeless question

She knew the need was there, but now she had the exclusive network to do something to help.

She’s trained to think big picture

What do a master’s degree in Health Services from the London School of Economics and matchmaking have in common? They both require you to think big picture. Barbara was trained to manage and improve business systems to help and heal people. Sounds an awful lot like running a boutique matchmaking business, doesn’t it?

Maybe she’s born with it …

… and maybe it’s destiny! All who meet Barbara say the same thing: she has a natural charisma and a unique human intuition.That’s akin to having the ‘it’ factor in the matchmaking world!  The most important trait your matchmaker should have is that uncanny ability to bring soul mates together. You either have it or you don’t. And if our testimonials are anything to go by, Barbara has it.

Long story short, that’s how a highly educated medical professional made one of the best matchmakers southern Florida has seen in a long time! And you’ll get that same personability and intuition that attracted an exclusive network of clients to Barbara when you sign up for the highly personalized care Elegant Introductions offers. Matchmaking is far from dead! It’s just reinventing itself in the modern world.

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