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Leave dating out of your business – and make it our business!

With all the news today about sexual harassment in the workplace, there are, no doubt, conversations going on in offices all over America about what is – and is not – acceptable behavior.

As these cases have proven, these conversations need to happen. For too long, many women thought they had no other option but to keep inappropriate behavior a secret. Now they have a voice – and they are finally being heard. As proof of a cultural milestone, look no further than Time Magazine, which, just this week, named “the silence breakers” as their Person of the Year.

But where does this leave singles who are respectful and professional, yet still consider their office as a good place to find dates? We’ve noticed that they, too, are asking a lot of questions now. Is it okay to flirt a little in the office? Can I tell an off-color joke? If I complement a co-worker on how nice she looks today, will I get reported to human resources?

For these singles (and let’s face it, we’re talking mostly to men here), we offer a novel suggestion: take any dating intentions out of your office and leave the matchmaking to us.

As elite matchmakers, we talk with many busy professionals who work very hard in their chosen fields. Often, they tell us that they don’t have time for dating, and the only singles they ever meet are co-workers.

This is an understandable dilemma. But the truth is, even for singles who do know the meaning of consensual when it comes to consensual relationships, there have always been obstacles with dating co-workers. There are fellow employees who talk behind your back, or treat you differently because they (rightly or wrongly) believe your relationship gives you an unfair professional advantage. There is the fact that, if your relationship does not work out, you probably won’t be able to make a “clean break” unless one of you leaves your job.

And then there is another issue that is just now being discussed culturally and professionally: power dynamics. Let’s say, for example, that you’re a senior partner in a law firm. Your firm has just hired an adorable young paralegal fresh out of college. You meet each other, you think there could be sparks, and you start dating. But ask yourself, even if this is a consensual relationship, is it really an equal relationship? Obviously, every relationship is different, but chances are, this would not qualify as equal, regardless of intentions.

For these reasons, many companies have what are called anti-fraternization policies, which discourage inter-office dating, especially if one employee is higher up on the professional ladder than the other.

That is why it makes sense to trust us to do your relationship searching for you. After all, we are busy professionals, too. As matchmakers, we are as dedicated to our business as you are to yours. We will meet with you, get to know you, and find out all about your values, life goals, and relationship goals. Then, we do our best to provide you with matches who are as determined as you are to find a serious, fulfilling, and respectful relationship.

As elite matchmakers, we only select clients we know we can match. And each potential client is seriously vetted (to ensure, among other things, that if someone has even a hint of sexual harassment in their past, we would not accept them as a client.) For us, matchmaking is not a job; it’s a passion. It’s a wonderful thing to have clients report back to us after first dates and tell us that they met someone special.

We hear this a lot from busy professionals who are frustrated by the lack of time they have for a social life. One of them recently told us: “As a physician, its became nearly impossible to juggle my career and make time to socialize throughout the week.  Barbara and Nancy make the dating experience easy and pleasant.  They connect me with quality singles of the community.  I highly recommend Elegant Introductions.” Click here to read more testimonials from clients who turn to us to help find their soulmates.

Now, more than ever, it’s best to be strictly business when it comes to your business. As for finding your soulmate? Well, that’s our business!



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