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New Year’s Day. It’s that time when everything is new, and everything seems possible. Each new year brings new opportunities, and that includes new possibilities for love.

Elegant Introductions was profiled this week in the South Florida Reporter. There, we included proven suggestions for putting yourself on the path to love in the year ahead:

  • Ask friends to introduce you
  • Change your routine: go to a different coffee shop, bar, lunch place etc.….
  • Push yourself to go to events, organizations, church, temple, clubs, classes, etc.
  • Smile while you’re out in public, it’s very attractive…
  • Approach others: say hello, ask a question, what’s to lose?
  • Go out with an open mind and open heart: Stop looking for the “right person” and    start being the right person. Others will be attracted to you.
  • Start your resolutions now to feel better about yourself:  exercise, buy that new outfit, hairstyle, meditate, etc.  Whatever you decided to do for you in the New Year…..start now!
  • If asked out, just say yes: stop being so judgmental and critical.  Even if this isn’t “the one”, you never know where this will lead.

Of course, if you need guidance on any of these, contact us. As one of South Florida’s most trusted matchmaking services, we’ll give you just what you need to find romance and love in the year ahead.

Happy New Year! May your new year be filled with good health, joy, and of course, lots of love.

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