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Proper grammar: an overlooked virtue in the dating world

Have you ever received a text that says YOLO or whaassup? You grin and bear it because it’s supposed to be the new way of communicating, but you probably wonder what’s happening with the English language.

You’re not alone. According to this fascinating article in the Wall Street Journal, singles place a very high value on proper speaking and grammar usage. For many, poor grammar is a deal-breaker.

We know that many of our clients feel this way. After all, they are among South Florida’s most sophisticated and successful singles. Most of them would have never gotten to where they are if they didn’t have the ability to speak professionally and clearly. And most of them expect this from their prospective dates. We’ve had several clients come to us because they’re tired of all the modern-day slang they see in so many online dating sites and phone apps. They yearn for someone who can actually still write complete sentences; someone who clearly says what they mean. We can’t blame them.

When you come to us at Elegant Introductions, we can coach you on effective speaking and writing. For many Miami singles, English is not their first language. We give them tips on how to write and communicate more effectively. It’s one of the ways that we cover all the bases in the dating world. It’s our business to know what singles want, as well as the little things — like grammar — that can actually sink a date if you’re not careful.

Contact us today and see for yourself how detailed we are when it comes to helping you find a partner.

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