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The most important thing about dating as a single parent

For so many people, just the thought of dating can bring on anxiety. But if you’re a single parent, there are so many other questions going through your mind. As a matchmaker, I hear them all the time from clients who want to date, but who are, first and foremost, parents concerned about how their children will react if mom or dad starts dating.

In today’s Huffington Post,  comic Laura Lifshitz has a fantastic post on this subject. For her, the key is always keeping the bar high. She would love to find a mate, but she will never settle for someone who ranks far below her expectations. This, she believes, is one of the best examples she can set for her daughter. After all, if Laura sets the bar low, what’s to stop her daughter from doing the same thing when she grows up?

At Elegant Introductions, we pride ourselves with setting the bar high for all our clients. It’s never about just “settling.” It’s about taking the time to really get to know all our clients, and to make matches that meet, or even exceed, expectations.

If you’re a single parent who’s thinking about getting back into the dating scene, contact us today. Our goal is to match you with a single who will click not only with you, but with your kids as well. You would never want your kids to “just settle” when it comes to relationships. Why should you?


To read Laura’s post, click here.


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