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It’s National Resurrect Romance Week! Here’s why singles should celebrate

Did you know that this week is National Resurrect Romance Week?

That’s right. Every year, National Resurrect Romance Week takes place exactly six months after Valentine’s Day. If you haven’t heard about this, you’re not alone. Michael Webb, the man who came up with the idea for National Resurrect Romance Week, deliberately does not want this to become as commercialized as Valentine’s Day. That commercialization often provokes stress for those who have partners—and envy for those who don’t. For many people, Valentine’s Day was the last day they did anything romantic.

That’s why Michael thinks that romance should be resurrected at the half-way point between the last Valentine’s Day and the next one. He says that the purpose of the week is to “place the emphasis back on our hearts and off of our wallets. I am hoping that people will make an effort to do something romantic each day for an entire week. If people do that, they will see an amazing change in their relationship and will be more motivated to become a year-round romantic.”

If you’re looking for romantic things to do every day, Michael has plenty of suggestions on his website. Now, this is lovely if you have a partner to be romantic with. But what if you’re single? First off, you can take many of these ideas turn them into gifts for yourself. Instead of brushing your partner’s hair, why not treat yourself to a new hair style? Instead of taking your mate to his favorite restaurant, why not pick out your favorite restaurant, and maybe bring some of your best friends with you?

You can also use many of these ideas to brighten the lives of others. You may not be able to call your wife just to tell her you love her, but you can certainly make that call to your parents, your children, or your friends. You may not have a husband to hug. But think, for a minute, about those in your life who could use a hug right now.

National Resurrect Romance Week is about more than romance. It’s about doing the little things that enrich all our lives, regardless of marital status. Plus, putting these practices into your life now will only help you get ready for your next relationship. In the most solid of marriages, these little things are what keep the romantic fires burning.

So, let’s all raise a glass to National Resurrect Romance Week. After all, couldn’t we all make room for more romance in our lives?


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