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Dealing with First Date Anxiety

First dates can be stressful — new experiences and meeting new people can produce some nerves. However, first dates can go a lot more smoothly with a positive attitude and some relaxation prior. Pre-date positive self-talk can make you feel more self-assured. If you want another confidence boost, having friends help you pick out your outfit (either via seeking approval via text or hanging out with them before your date) is another way to feel good about yourself to help calm the first date jitters. If you are feeling up to it, a little bit of exercise — maybe 10 minutes or so — is a good way to release endorphins to put you in a good mood. Alternatively, release some of your nervous energy in a positive way by listening to some of your favorite songs and dancing your first date anxiety away.

Just as important as building up a positive attitude is having some perspective. If the idea of dating is stressful, focus on the activity you’ll be doing instead. Remember that a single date is a short event in your life and that even a bad date doesn’t last long in the scheme of things. Have confidence that things will go well but don’t expect too much from the date. Also, come to the date prepared — have some conversation starters ready to start your date off on a strong note. Picking a time for a date when you won’t have time to stress — after an evening class or right after work — might also help control your pre-date jitters, as well as deciding to plan something after your date to cap how long it can be. Better to leave your date wanting more than to have it last too long.

If you need help finding a first date so you can put these tips into practice, Elegant Introductions is here to help! For more information, call Nancy and Barbara at Elegant Introductions today at 305-615-1900 or contact us for more information.

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