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More First Date Tips

First dates are important because you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. There’s no surefire way to guarantee success on a first date, but psychologists, anthropologists, and body language experts agree that there are some things you can do to make a date go swimmingly and some behaviors that will likely cause your relationship to hit an iceberg.

One of the biggest first date tips is to be positive! Positivity is an important element of a successful first date. Going in with a calm, relaxed attitude and being polite and considerate can go a long way. Be genuine and honest, but also don’t be an open book on the first date — more personal information can be shared when trust and intimacy have been firmly established. However, keep in mind that first dates are about a balance of information exchange: Listen and show interest, but also contribute to the conversation and don’t be afraid to ask questions (though expect to answer any questions you ask). It’s perfectly fine to talk about your strengths and why you’d make a good partner, just try to avoid sounding arrogant.

In general, you want to present yourself as someone who wants to move forward, so talking about exes is generally unwise because it makes it seem like you’re stuck in the past and focused on failed relationships instead of starting a successful one. Similarly, don’t treat your date like they’re your therapist, doctor or your best friend — first dates are rarely the time to talk about feeling lonely, health issues, etc. You want to present yourself as a desirable person, not some sort of “victim” — it makes your date question why you’re interested in being with them in the first place.

When the end of the evening comes around, there’s no pressure to get super touchy. The more physical aspects of dating tend to happen naturally as intimacy and comfort between the two people increases. And in the worst case, it’s always good to leave your date with something to look forward to for next time.

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